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            Some Questions about Interview

            1、What`s your name?

            My name is x x x.

            2、How old are you?

            I`m tyenty-two.

            3、When were you born?

            I was born on July 8th, 1981.

            4、Where are you from?

            I`m from Huai`an ,Jiangsu Province,China.

            5、Where do you come from?

            I come from huai`an .Jiangsu Puovince .China.

            6、Where did you graduate?

            I graduated from huaiyin Medical School.

            7、what`s you job?/What do you do?

            I`m a nurse.

            8、What do you work?

            I work in Huai`an  NO.2People`s Hopital.

            9、How many wards are there in your hospital?

            There are 200wards in our hospital.

            10、How many hospital beds are there in your hospital?

            There are about 200sickbeds in our hospital.

            11、Which department are you in?

            I`m in x x x.

            12、What day is Nurses`Day?

            May 12th.

            13、Why do you choose nursing as your job?     )

            In my childhood, I became interested in nursing.Then I got a chance to enter the Medical school. My dream has come true. In my opinion,nursing is a holy job. It can heal the wounded and resace the dying. All in all, I love nursing and I think ,I can do my job successfully.

            14、Why do you want to quit your present job and wake up your mind to go abroad?

            First ,I should say I do quite well in my present job. Why do I want to go abroad? First,Iwant to learn English, second, I can earn more money. These are the the two reasons.

            15、How do you come to Beijing?

            By train .

            16、How long does it take you to come here?

            It takes me 13 hours to get Beijing.

            17、What do you ususlly do in your free time?

            What`s your hobby?

            In my free time ,I like listening to the music, and reading books.

            My hobby is listening to the music and reading books.

            18、What day is it today?

            Today is Mnday.

            19、What`s the date today?

            Today is July 20th .2003.

            20、What kind of experence have you got for the job?

            I`ve  been a nurse for more that 2 years .

            21、What kind of education have you got?

            I studied nursing in Huai`an Medical school.

            22、What would you do before an operation?

            23、What should you pay attention to when you are taking sb some one`s blood pressure?

            First, the …

            24、How to take temperature?

            25、when you are taking a little child`s temperature, what should you pay attention to? what king of methed should you me ?

            26、Do you have any special skills?

            yes, I think, I`m very good at taking care of others.

            27、Do you mind working on night shift?

            No, not at all.

            28、What are the  common cases in your department?and what should you do when you meet them?



            Sorry , I kikn`t understand what you mean.

            Can you say it again?

            Pardon. / I beg your pardon.

            What dose x x x mean?

            Could you write  x x x mean?

            Could you write x x x down on a piece of paper?

            Would you please say it slowly?

            Please slow down your spead.


            Excuse me ,may I ask you some questions about Soudi Arabia?

            What`s the weather like in your country?

            Is there any places of interest there?

            I heard that you never eat pork, is it true?

            What do you usually eat in your country?

            How is the climate in your country?

            Is it very hot in summer? what about winter, is it very clod?

            In your country, women must wear long gowns and veils,  is it true?

            With all kind of people with diffeent cjaracters and personality .I like to be with other people with whom I can communicate my ideas, my thoughts and express and exchange my fealings .I long for society because it is very popular in modern time ,especially in the twenty-first century .I used to be a goood partern of people around me,and I am still like and will be what I was in the future.

            My mane is x x x ,I graduated from huaiyin Medical school two years ago, majoring mursery. I`m aged twenty. I have been in huaiyin Qinghe District Hospital for 2years

            My mane is x x x .I graduated from huaiyin Medecal School majoring nursery. After that I was assigned to huaiyin No.1 peples Hospital and worked as as a nurse for more than two years.

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